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    Checked your email?

    It is important that you check your college email regularly. Instructions for how to do this are available here.  They also explain how to set up email on your smartphone.

    You may also wish to forward your email to an alternative email address.  Details for how to do this are available here.  

    On target?

    Sussex Downs College provides you with online tools designed to support your learning.  Your personal Individual Learning Plan (ILP) contains details of targets.  Download the guide here.

    Equality and Diversity

    Sussex Downs College is committed to promoting equality and diversity. To find out more login and view our E&D area under your list of courses.

    Guide to Equality & Diversity Pinnacle Toolkit

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  • Problems logging in?

    Please note if you are logging in as a NEW student, your username is your six digit student number and your password is your date of birth (ddmmyy) i.e. 230596.  If you are a returning student, your username is the same as last year.

    Any problems, email helpdesk@sussexdowns.ac.uk with your student number or phone 030 300 38666.